A few kilometres from the Adriatic Sea, the Sibillini Mountains and a stone’s throw from the medieval village of Monteprandone, lies the heart of the Il Conte Villa Prandone winery, a family of winemakers who have been practising their profession with an extreme passion for wine for three generations.

It is the words of the winemaker, Emmanuel De Angelis, that plunge us into the origins of their company: “Our story is that of a man and his land , of a family that for three generations has been cultivating its vineyards with dedication and love, making use of the wonderful fruits, of what this unique territory is able to produce and of the experience of now 100 vintages lived and handed down from generation to generation” For this company, “family” is the key word, in fact, the relevant roles within the company, are covered by the different members of the De Angelis family. Emmanuel, the winemaker who coordinates the wine staff on a daily basis to ensure that a truly amazing end product is obtained. Walter, who takes care of the internal organisation of the winery and therefore logistics and warehouse management. Samuel, he looks after the agronomic part and the vineyards meticulously, as if they were a garden. Marina, who is in charge of coordinating the company administration. They all work together in a synergic way, sharing the passion for this work, following in the footsteps of the company’s founders: Papa Marino, born in 1948, still very active in the company in the care of the vineyards, and Nonno Amilcare. Count Villa Prandone is constantly seeking to improve its brand, trying to impose its brand on the national and international territory. Precisely for this reason, they have been actively participating since 2002 in the very important international wine and spirits fair, Vinitaly: “For us, Vinitaly is not just a showcase where we can display our products in search of new customers and new partnerships around the world, but during those days it becomes a real living room where we can meet many of our national and international customers and share together, impressions and sensations of the various markets, of how our wine is perceived in the world and taste together the new vintages of our nectar,” says Emmanuel De Angelis. After discovering the roots of this family and learning what most describes the present, of the Piceno brand, it is good to introduce what the goals are, the future forecasts: “Our philosophy is to work hard in the present, to give life to a future full of satisfaction, we have been working for years to position our wines with a quality clientele, on increasing internationalisation (we currently export to 24 countries) and on the rating of our wines.” As of today, Il Conte Villa Prandone is positioned at the top of the best national and international guides, so all that remains is to follow step by step, the objectives and satisfactions that the Company and the family will achieve thanks to their passion and ambition in this sector.