For the De Angelis family, the word wine has always meant family, tradition, elegance, hard work and passion; all of which distinguish the bottles of Il Conte Villa Prandone for their excellence and quality recognised nationally and internationally. Previous articles have mostly dealt with that branch of the wine industry, explaining what distinguishes our company as one of the best wineries in Italy and why we have managed to create such an excellent wine. The subject of the following article, on the other hand, concerns other factors that contribute to the rise of our winery, i.e. the important numbers that testify to the levels and status of our reality. It is therefore good to start with the fundamental number par excellence that expresses how expert this company is in the sector, i.e. the vintages behind it. There are no less than 72, all of them obviously carried out in Monteprandone, where 50 hectares of vineyards extend, which are worked with extreme professionalism by a team of 15 people (employed in the vineyard and cellar), with the consequent use of no less than 6 agricultural tractors. There are approximately 4,000 vines per hectare for a total of 200,000 vines, which stand on hillsides at an average height of 250 metres above sea level. Each vine produces an average of 6 bunches, which, once harvested and processed, yield 500,000 litres of wine per year, bottled in 300,000 0.75-litre bottles, 500 1.5-litre magnums and 200 3-litre jeroboams. These huge quantities of wine, which are appreciated in 24 different countries, are sold abroad for a total of 200,000 bottles and exactly half in our country.The large numbers already achieved and which we hope will increase, improving day by day by employing training, work and innovation, do not imply the loss of a high quality wine production. The increase in production in fact, for the De Angelis family will always and only be, the consequence of a common passion for wine that drives each element of this team, to take care of the land where they live and work, constantly maintaining high standards of product quality, continuing to support them now and in the years to come.