Il Conte Villa Prandone has always seen in its main mission, the continuous improvement of its company, maintaining the quality of its wines, which are the product of much experience and passion for this work. Therefore, improvement also includes the constant achievement of new goals and, for a company like Il Conte Villa Prandone, of new awards and satisfactions. This is why we are proud to share with immense joy to all our customers and the people who follow us, that GENTLEMAN’s Superclassification 2022 has decreed in the TOP 100 RED WINES OF ITALY, our red wines “???????? ????????????????” ???? “????????????????????????????”, which were ranked 64th and 94th respectively. This ranking is compiled by cross-referencing the votes of the six most authoritative wine guides. This extremely important recognition will certainly not be a point of arrival, but rather a new beginning to push us further and constantly improve.