Ancestral natural method, cloudy on its own indigenous yeasts, naturally fermented, with no added sulphites
Alcool: 11,5% Vol
Area di produzione: On the hills of Monteprandone – Ascoli Piceno – Marche
Uve: Selection of native vines
Sistema di coltivazione: The winemaking process begins with a light pressing of the grapes to extract the native yeasts present on the bunches, followed by a temperature-controlled stainless steel fermentation, usually at a low temperature. Subsequently, the fermentation is first slowed down and then blocked, maintaining a sufficient sugar content to guarantee the resumption of the same after bottling, without further additions of sugars and yeasts. The enzymes and yeasts enclosed in the bottle inhibit CO2 creating, as the French say, a slightly sparkling "petillant". This method was historically used to bring the wine to have a greater organoleptic complexity. Normally, by not carrying out the disgorgement, these wines are cloudy with more accentuated bread crust olfactory hints due to a greater presence of yeasts. The bottles are stored in the cellar at a temperature of 15 degrees. This sparkling wine, being a completely natural method, is constantly evolving and transforming. Each bottle is unique and requires special attention and care. Limited production: 3,000 bottles.
Descrizione Organolettica: Sparkling white wine, mature and citrusy, with great drinkability and acidity. It is characterized by its strong tradition.
Temperatura di servizio: To be served cold at 8°C
Suggerimenti gastronomici: Excellent as an aperitif, paired with fish first courses, or throughout the meal with delicate dishes.

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2018 – 3 grappoli – Bibenda, Italian Sommelier Association